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Hijacked from lourdesmont

Whoa. Inspiration strikes!

Somone in the lj community "darkvictoria" did this v. interesting photomanip of John Barrowman in a Victorian suit. I think I has found a picture that I can put up in my inspiration folder. Is it hot in here, or is it me? :-) (BTW, you can click on it to get a bigger photo.)

on target so far

I am on schedule this week to meet my goals both for number of hours spent working and number of pages produced. Hopefully that will continue so that I have something to turn in this week. Sadly, I am behind schedule for pages reviewed. And I can't spend Sunday afternoon frantically commenting stuff cause there's a going away party for a friend of ours who is moving to South Carolina in a couple weeks.

not so much this week

So the second half of that story isn't gonna get written this week. Something about needing oxygen in order to concentrate. Dagnabit. I was doing so well, too. So I guess we can not be in any hurry to review my stuff at the next meeting since I'll need an extra week to get the next contribution ready to go.

Creativity ain't us, this year, thus far!

I am feeling quite drained, actually. Even the world-building fizzled.

Any suggestions?

Any brickbats?

Any inducements to the muse?

Someone asked me a question...

about why I write.

Here's my answer --

Well, let me tell you a secret. I hate the act of writing. It hurts. It hurts a lot. It looks dumb and stupid when I put words on the screen, or put pen to paper. I wouldn't do it. Except.

Except I have to. With the column, I am expected to, and I get PAID for it. Still doesn't mean it's not torture to do it. I do a lot of escape mechanisms to avoid it until I just can't any longer -- and then I do it. I think it looks dumb, but somehow my editors like it, and I get paid. So I guess it's not dumb.

With the other, well, it just feels better once I start. I get a kind of endorphin high from creative writing. I do it, and I stop being depressed. I feel like ... I don't know. It's just that it hurts to start.

How about the rest of you?
At least one rebel, who's in prison for same (or has been in prision for same). But Corrie's on the other side. Corrie is a girl who likes to wear roses in her hair. (Red River Rising)

A pissed-off dude who says there are no gods and precious few heroes so why don't we get off our duffs and do something about society? I.E., start a rebellion. (No Gods and Precious Few Heroes)

An intelligent robot (Mr. Roboto)

A young man who refused the advances of "Alison Cross", the ugliest witch in the North Country, and was then turned into a loathly worm. He gets better though. Possibly needs to study or deal with magic? (Alison Cross)

An older woman who has watched young men and women go to war and die, and wonders why... (Where are you going?)

And, from a lovely typo, a "fanatical reality agent". I wonder if he has to oversee the city's problems with dimensions crashing together and affecting each other?

So we are having some characters show up from the songs. I will listen some more and see what else I can discover from the lyrics before starting to write.

This is actually quite interesting. Amazing what one's mind will do if one just steps back and allows the muse to wing it.

The songs...

Cleansing Autumn Rain                                        Garnet Rogers
Red River Rising                                                 The Compadres
Flightless Bird, American Mouth                          Iron & Wine
Lifesize                                                                A Fine Frenzy
I Wanna Roo You                                               Melanie Harrold
Alison Cross                                                       Malinky
Sun Valley Jump                                                The Glenn Miller Army Air Force Band
Ogre Battle                                                         QUEEN
Addicted To You                                                 Kelly Clarkson
No Gods & Precious Few Heroes                         Dick Gaughan
I Get A Kick Out Of You                                       Chris Connor
Bad Reputation                                                    Joan Jett
Where Are You Going?                                        Erica Neely
Animal                                                                  R.E.M.
My Heart Goes Out                                             Warren Barfield
Mr. Roboto                                                            Styx
Stop Stop Stop                                                  The Hollies
The Sargeant's Wedding                                       Leslie Fish
My Karma Broke Down                                       Three Weird Sisters
Farewell to Fiddler's Rim                                       Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer

Now all I have to do is figure out what characters and what their relationships might be... but they all have to be supported by song lyrics!

Day one of the experiment

Other than that, I decided that what I need to do to jumpstart the writing is to take Holly Lisle's advice and do something different. So I will be returning to a place that is a combination of some of my earliest story settings and a bit of gonzo 80s comics writing that resonated and then the mixture percolated through my musings of twenty-some years... -- luckily, the setting is elastic enough that it doesn't actually matter. :-) The other thing I am going to do is take twenty songs selected from shuffle and use them as the basis for my characters and their relationship map -- i.e., none of the major characters will be anyone I've ever written before, although I may use a couple of minor characters in passing just to anchor the thing.

Some notes -- the setting is called "Central". It's a world/dimensional nexus city, where magic, science, physics, and reality can change on you as you walk/slither/fly/whatever down the block. I know there are aliens there, and created beings, and humans, and more-than-humans, and less-than-humans -- there's also an island, with a waterfall, that is in the bay, which is off-limits to everyone but the ruling family, and which is pristine wilderness, oddly enough, in this very urban city. There's a university (well, actually, several -- duh!) which has a bit of the old Pratchett UU about it (though the actual magical building where they teach the theory of magic is located in an anti-mana zone -- no accidents before those kids learn the proper pronunciation of their spells -- of course, it is in the donut hole of a high-mana zone, so when those kids experiment outside of class, ooowie! Strange things can/do happen.) and a big rivalry between the magic and physics faculties. There are floating castles. There are underground shopping malls. Etc. As I said, some of it derives from the ever-beloved (of me!) First Comics series GrimJack!, which featured the pandimensional city Cynosure, and some from the lamented roleplaying game of the pandimensional city Nexus, although all of it is filtered through my own ideas of elven glades, streets where magicians live, and how magic might actually be taught.

Meanwhile, I have put the iPod on shuffle and will be putting the songs in a playlist. More on that later.

technical question

 There's probably some simple way to do this, it's probably in the FAQ (eyes already glazing over at the prospect of trying to sort through that much text in order to find what I'm looking for), but is there some way to attach a file to a post or would I just be better off cutting and pasting? And how do I hide the big block of text if that's the case so that you don't have to look at the whole thing if you don't want to? Remember I am just barely computer literate and then only the most basic things I need to know in order to get the darn thing to use basic programs. Currently feeling like a bit of an idiot cause I don't have the faintest idea what I'm doing.

In a totally unrelated note, I missed my chance to record Hogfather because I remembered the air date incorrectly. Is there somewhere I can download it from so I  can still watch it?

Thanks in advance for whatever help you can give me.